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“Volto, corpo, emozioni e linguaggio” – FACETS-themed event in Catania

Monastero dei Benedettini di Catania

Face and Chiasmus. Recent insight from cognitive semiotics (Conference in Turin)

Palazzo Nuovo, Torino Prof. Jamin Pelkey

The Science of the Face Webinar series autumn 2021

Webex: (only the 1st meeting) Marco Viola, University of Turin, FACETS Post-Doc Researcher

False faces and Lava monster

New Book! Artificial Faces!

What happens to faces in COVID times?

Advanced Seminar Chronotopes of the Face | FACETS

Webex platform of the University of Turin:

New Series of Webinars: Culturas del Rostro Webinarios Latinoamericanos 2021

Webex Platform: from 17.00 to 18.30 (CET) 11.01.2021 / 18.01.2021 / 25.01.202 / 1.02.2021 / 8.02.2021 / 15.02.2021 / 22.02.2021 Silvia Barbotto & Cristina Voto - Investigadoras post-doc FACETS: proyecto de investigación liderado por Massimo Leone.

Sports icons and street art

Boolean African Masks

FACETS Post-Doc Marco VIOLA Talks About Masked Faces in “Sound of Science”

Black Bell, Trinità, CN Marco VIOLA

FACETS PI Massimo LEONE’s Plenary Lecture “Encarar las fronteras: rostros, algoritmos, emociones”

Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Massimo Leone

FACETS “Science(s) of the Face” Webinar Series, Year 02

Università di Torino Marco Viola; Massimo Leone

FACETS PI Massimo LEONE Lectures on the Face in Online Teaching

Université de la Côte d'Azur Matteo TRELEANI

2020 – Shanghai Graduate Seminar – Critical Semiotics

Shanghai University Massimo Leone

2020 IASS Conversations

Colombia National University of Bogotà Neyla PARDO

How GAN work

AI Monna Lisa

FACETS Shanghai University Symposium

Shanghai University Massimo Leone and Zeng Jun

2020 Face Studies Reading Seminar

Università di Torino Massimo Leone

The Language of the Face in the Pandemic (in Russian)

FACETS PI Massimo LEONE on the language of the face during the pandemic.

Coping with the Medical Mask

Faces and Masks in the Emergency

Retro FACETS – Claude Lévi-Strauss, La Voie des Masques

Lévi-Strauss interviewed on his book _La Voie des Masques_

Deep FACETS – Global Symposium

Università di Torino Massimo Leone

FACETS interviewed by Radio Papesse

Massimo LEONE's interview on face and identity for "Lieviti" by Radio Papesse.

FACETS on the pandemic

FACETS and the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Book! Colpire nel segno.

A new book by FACETS PI Massimo LEONE

FACETS Panel – On Faces and Myths

Limassol, Cyprus Massimo Leone, Evripides Zantides

FACETSCAPES – Video Series

José Enrique FINOL on the semiotics of the body.

Virtual FACETS – Video Series


FACETS Summer School

Sozopol, Bulgaria Massimo Leone, Kristian Bankov

FACETS – Meetings on Meaning

We are putting a face on philosophy.

Viral FACETS – Video Series

We are facing the pandemic.

Transhuman Visages – FACETS International Symposium

Polish Institute of Advanced Studies, Warsaw Massimo Leone

New Book! On Insignificance

A new book by FACETS PI Massimo LEONE

FACETS Research Team

The faces of FACETS

The Science of FACETS – Video Series

The face in the laboratory.

New Book! Volti virali!

What happens to faces in COVID times?

FACETS to FACETS – Video Series

BEWARE! Strongly interdisciplinary, watch with caution!