6 September 2020 8:00 (End: 10 September 2020)

Sozopol 2020 Summer School: The Semiotics of the Digital Face

The advent of the internet and digital technologies in general wrought deep changes to the socio-cultural tissue in almost every part of the world. Statistics say that the so called “internet natives” perceive more faces through digital images than in a real face to face situation. So do the rest of the digitally active people today and for sure this tendency in going to expand in future. If the face is a semiotic universe in itself, we may start to question what further semiotic phenomena derive from its massive digital intermediation. It goes without saying that the social media foundation is based on the face(book), and it is interesting to research the various strategies of the face representation as a core of our digital identities. What about the selfie revolution: does the technological opportunity push the massive digital narcissism, or the cultural change went the other way around? What can see a semiotician in the software for digital face beautification: the same narcissistic drive for augmented self-expression, or a mercantile attitude towards the opportunity to make a profit form the social media popularity?

  • Convenor: Massimo Leone, Kristian Bankov
  • Venue: Sozopol, Bulgaria
  • Program: Download Program

FACETS Summer School, in partnership with the New Bulgarian University