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  • FACETS Post-Doc Researcher Cristina VOTO teaches course in “Visual Communication” on “Faces and Interfaces”

1 October 2020 14:00-17:00 (End: 6 November 2020)

Visual Communication

The first part of the course will focus on these themes: communicating the visual: introduction to the course and the disciplinary field, presentation of the main theories and methods of visual communication; communicating the project: design Dasein, the project and the design, pragmatic of the project; communicating the imaginary: communication between visible/visual/visuality, performativity of the image. The second part of the course will develop the following aspects that characterize contemporaneity: visual communication & virality: meme, utopias and dystopias; faces and interfaces: scopic devices & computer vision; communicating the future: futurities & decolonial futurism.

  • Convenor: Cristina Voto
  • Venue: Università di Torino

Cristina VOTO teaches a course of “Visual Communication” on “Faces and Interfaces” for the students of the University of Turin.