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  • FACETS Post-Doc Researcher Silvia BARBOTTO teaches course in “Interactive Story Telling and Art” on “Faces”

1 October 2020 11:00-14:00 (End: 13 November 2020)

Interactive Story Telling and Art

The universe of contemporary communication is moving towards increasingly articulated forms of interactive fruition of texts. The teaching is therefore aimed at transmitting knowledge and analysis skills regarding the most interesting narrative and artistic interactive products present in contemporary culture. To favour the ability to learn on the proposed theme, and therefore the ability to apply the knowledge learned in the interpretation and production of interactive multimedia texts; to articulate the theoretical foundations in synergy with contemporary cultural narratives; to develop awareness and autonomy of judgement regarding the complexity and multiplicity of the current panorama of interactive products; to put into practice some basic design and communication skills necessary to move in the world of production: for this purpose the teaching includes laboratory activities dedicated to the design and operational aspects.

  • Convenor: Silvia Barbotto
  • Venue: Università di Torino

Silvia BARBOTTO teaches a course of “Interactive Story Telling and Art” on “Faces” for the students of the University of Turin.