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2020 Face Studies Reading Seminar

Università di Torino Massimo Leone

The Language of the Face in the Pandemic (in Russian)

FACETS PI Massimo LEONE on the language of the face during the pandemic.

Coping with the Medical Mask

Faces and Masks in the Emergency

Retro FACETS – Claude Lévi-Strauss, La Voie des Masques

Lévi-Strauss interviewed on his book _La Voie des Masques_

Deep FACETS – Global Symposium

Università di Torino Massimo Leone

FACETS interviewed by Radio Papesse

Massimo LEONE's interview on face and identity for "Lieviti" by Radio Papesse.

FACETS on the pandemic

FACETS and the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Book! Colpire nel segno.

A new book by FACETS PI Massimo LEONE

FACETS Panel – On Faces and Myths

Limassol, Cyprus Massimo Leone, Evripides Zantides

FACETSCAPES – Video Series

José Enrique FINOL on the semiotics of the body.

Virtual FACETS – Video Series


FACETS Summer School

Sozopol, Bulgaria Massimo Leone, Kristian Bankov