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New Book! Colpire nel segno.

A new book by FACETS PI Massimo LEONE

FACETS Panel – On Faces and Myths

Limassol, Cyprus Massimo Leone, Evripides Zantides

FACETSCAPES – Video Series

José Enrique FINOL on the semiotics of the body.

Virtual FACETS – Video Series


FACETS Summer School

Sozopol, Bulgaria Massimo Leone, Kristian Bankov

FACETS – Meetings on Meaning

We are putting a face on philosophy.

Viral FACETS – Video Series

We are facing the pandemic.

Transhuman Visages – FACETS International Symposium

Polish Institute of Advanced Studies, Warsaw Massimo Leone

New Book! On Insignificance

A new book by FACETS PI Massimo LEONE

FACETS Research Team

The faces of FACETS

The Science of FACETS – Video Series

The face in the laboratory.

New Book! Volti virali!

What happens to faces in COVID times?

FACETS to FACETS – Video Series

BEWARE! Strongly interdisciplinary, watch with caution!