Position: Post-Doc Researcher
Expertise: Cognitive Science
Email: g.pennisi@unito.it

Giovanni Pennisi

Post-Doc Researcher

Cognitive Science

Giovanni Pennisi is a PostDoc Research Fellow (“Assegnista di Ricerca”) at the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences, University of Turin.

He earned a PhD in Cognitive Science at the University of Messina, where he defended a dissertation on the bodily roots of schizophrenia and eating disorders. His current research draws from such topic the concept of disembodiment – which is a typical symptom of many psychopathologies – and applies it to the fields of gender, race, and disability studies.

He addressed the above issues in a dozen of publications, one of which was coauthored by Shaun Gallagher and included in a volume edited by Routledge. He met and collaborated with Shaun Gallagher during the time he spent as Visiting Scholar at his chair at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Memphis (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020).

He holds two Master’s Degree (Cognitive Science and Pedagogical Studies) and is a member of the International Research Center for Applied and Theoretical Cognitive Sciences (CRISCAT).