Position: Researcher
Expertise: Semiotics
ORCID: 0000-0003-3358-9563
Email: gabriele.marino@unito.it
Website: gabrielemarino.it

Gabriele Marino

Assistant professor


Gabriele Marino is a research fellow in semiotics at the University of Turin.

He has published articles about music, social media and semiotic theory and one monograph about the reviews of imaginary records: Britney canta Manson e altri capolavori (2011; ‘Britney sings Manson and other masterpieces’).

He has taught courses in semiotics of design and semiotics of culture. He worked as a post-doc researcher within the ERC project NeMoSanctI dedicated to contemporary hagiographies.

Within FACETS he focuses on the stylization of the face on the Internet (e.g. emoticons, emojis, memes) and its narrative role in music (e.g. masked and anonymous musicians).